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Dorota Budna

Dorota Budna is a Berlin-based costume designer and stylist. She has over 15 years of experience in the film and advertising industry. Dorota studied costume and fashion design and graduated from International Film School in Cologne. Her first job after the studies was as an intern with Anna Shepard on “Oliver Twist”, before becoming an assistant costume designer. In this role, she worked on various films, including “The Reader” and “Anonyma” and was also an associate costume designer on “Not a love story”. Later she became head of the costume department in several national and international productions. She did costume supervising in the German-African period picture “The Captain of Nakara”, created the costume design for multiple awarded music video „Deutschland”, Rammstein and recently she has started work on the second season of German series „Sløborn”. Besides her work in the film industry, she did a couple of adverting and photo shootings.

Crew United


Costume Designer

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